Wick & Wax Museum

Branding, Print

Wick & Wax is a musuem that illuminates the history of candles, craftsmanship, and their various uses, shapes and scents. Targeted for both older audiences and families, the museum hosts events and workshops for those hoping to spark—or rekindle—their love of candles. The logomark and pattern throughout is made from candle wax, dripped by yours truly.

The brochure interior features an exhibition schedule and map, and the exterior has a spot-raised wax-like textured cover. The paper, from Neenah, has a geometric weave pattern, much like a candle wick.

No matter how you unfold the brochure, the “W” logo always appears (not to mention, the brochure shape itself, when unfolded, is a W ︎).

For Wick & Wax’s Grand Opening poster, I made the logo a seamless pattern that expanded across the poster’s width, with details at the bottom. 

Some initial concept sketches for the candle museum that would later become Wick & Wax. Potential sketches were for the names Wick & Wax and Museum of Candles. 

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