Cora McKenzie

Cora McKenzie is a Seattle-based graphic designer and researcher working at the intersection of communication design and science. She holds an MFA in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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Cora McKenzie
raphic Design + Research

Reel Fish
Branding, Packaging, Installation
Reel Fish is Baltimore’s first sustainable seafood brand that aims to both educate and excite younger audiences about sustainable fishing by highlighting traceability from sea to market. Bold typography and colors featured in the screenprinted packaging and more call attention to action needed in sustainable seafood consumption and policy.

︎ Featured in Bmore Art magazine
︎ Featured in MICA Grad Show II

Packaging and frequent buyer cards were customized using Reel Fish’s signature fish pattern, screenprinted using neon pink and black inks onto natural-toned butcher paper. Packaging is sealed with a sticker that shows species’ name, origin, and date of catch. 

Totes, stickers, and business cards feature branded colors and copy.

Website & Iconography
The website showcases Reel Fish’s traceability, using icons to list the steps in getting seafood from sea to market.

The Reel Fish installation featured packaging, collateral, and giveaways. Exhibited as part of Post-Baccalaureate Graphic Design’s Grad Show II at MICA.

All Reel Fish process was documented in a 10x14 inch book that covers everything from my initial research, making, and exhibition. Additionally, at the beginning of this project, I made my own version of a dictionary in order to spur ideas related to sustainable fishing. My dictionary, a “menu” of sorts, comprehensively showcases fishing methods worldwide, as well as lists “best” and “worst” choices of seafood.

Special thanks to the MICA Post-Baccalaureate cohort, and for guidance from Sandie Maxa, Tony Venne, and Maureen Weiss.