Linocuts, Screenprinting, Letterpress

In Fall 2017, I had the privilege of setting archival wood type belonging to the Globe Collection as part of Graduate Letterpress at MICA. I was also able to learn how to make linocuts, as well as have an introduction to screenprinting (knowledge which helped immensely with my Reel Fish project!).


Looking to give my relatives unique gifts for the 2017 holiday season, I created a linocut from a hand-lettered “M” for McKenzie. Each print is on different colored paper (thanks, French Paper!), varying gold and black ink. Representing my two siblings and I, the Ms came as a triptych and can be arranged fluidly: no two sets are the same!


These posters were designed, typeset, and printed by hand using archival wood type belonging to the Globe Collection at MICA. Left: type and image experimentation; Right: Concert poster for friend and designer Chad.


Inspired by the work of Hatch Show Print, I created a poster for my residential college at Rice University, Sid Richardson College. Being the tallest building on campus, I sought to capture the Tower of Power’s dominance by using our iconic crest colors and motifs: black, gold, red, and lightning bolts.

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