National Aquarium

Print Design, Illustration, Environmental Design

Working with the National Aquarium's Design team, I created a typographic system for print materials that debuted at Artscape, America's largest free arts festival, which attracts 350,000+ attendees per year. I also designed social media graphics and illustrations for digital applications. All graphics are part of the aquarium’s new #SeaChange campaign, which aimed to connect and rally the next generation of hopeful conservationists in protecting our ocean planet.

See press coverage of this project here.

Utilizing the aquarium’s new color palette, I established the heirarchy on paper pledges, which were then hung to our 3-sided structure that housed both pledges and pins. This typographic treatment was also applied to A-frame signs. The pledges prompt people to make small (or large!) lifestyle changes in order to improve ocean health (e.g. skipping single-use plastics).

Pins were affixed to the 3D structure, and as they were taken off,
the #SeaChange rally cry was revealed.

I also made a handful of illustrations that were applied as patterns on the #SeaChange website
and as header images for “toolkit” documents, which outline ways that people can pitch in to
help the environment.

Plant a Pollinator Garden

Skip the Straw

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

Contact Your Legislators

Kick Single-Use Plastics

Green Your Beauty Routine

All Artscape photos courtesy of David Coffey and Theresa Keil.
Many thanks to the National Aquarium team, including:
Krista Gill, Creative Director;
Dave Dundas, Art Director;
Dominique Graham, Web Designer; 
 Cris Cimatu, Illustrator;
Jessica Young, Exhibit Design;
Mark Kennedy, Structure Design;
Kasey Jones, Sculpture Artist.

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