National Aquarium

Print Design, Illustration, Environmental Design

Working with the National Aquarium's Design team, I created a typographic system for print materials that debuted at Artscape, America's largest free arts festival, which attracts 350,000+ attendees per year. I also designed social media graphics and illustrations for digital applications. All graphics are part of the aquarium’s new #SeaChange campaign, which aimed to connect and rally the next generation of hopeful conservationists in protecting our ocean planet.

Utilizing the aquarium’s new color palette, I established the heirarchy on paper pledges, which were then hung to our 3-sided structure that housed both pledges and pins. This typographic treatment was also applied to A-frame signs. The pledges prompt people to make small (or large!) lifestyle changes in order to improve ocean health (e.g. skipping single-use plastics).

Pins were affixed to the 3D structure, and as they were taken off,
the #SeaChange rally cry was revealed.

I also made a handful of illustrations that were applied as patterns on the #SeaChange website
and as header images for “toolkit” documents, which outline ways that people can pitch in to
help the environment.

Plant a Pollinator Garden

Skip the Straw

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

Contact Your Legislators

Kick Single-Use Plastics

Green Your Beauty Routine

All Artscape photos courtesy of David Coffey and Theresa Keil.
Many thanks to the National Aquarium team, including:
Krista Gill, Creative Director;
Dave Dundas, Art Director;
Dominique Graham, Web Designer; 
 Cris Cimatu, Illustrator;
Jessica Young, Exhibit Design;
Mark Kennedy, Structure Design;
Kasey Jones, Sculpture Artist.

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