Mr. Sketchy

Packaging, Branding, Copywriting

A sketchy take on the classic Mr. Sketch® scented marker. Rather than market towards kids with graphics-heavy plastic packaging, I decided to shift the brand to an older audience. The minimalist packaging let Mr. Sketchy’s core theme waft in: scents that take on themes and issues that twenty- and thirty-somethings deal with, from 401Ks to high school reunions to bad Tinder dates.

I started out by analyzing current marker names and scents, then collaborated with classmates to generate names via a poll I made (right). Though not all names were used, it was really fun to see what we could come up with!

Lots of prototyping of the Swipe Left marker packaging before coming to the final version (below)!

My favorite detail is the cutout, which is a derivation of the logotype’s “t” bar.

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