Identity Festival

Print, Branding

Identity Festival (or idf) is a three-day festival hosted by Maryland Institute College of Art each December. The event features six living artists, who give workshops and talks that focus on personal and artistic growth that is crucial to their identity.

For the visual identity, I chose a mix of three typefaces and manipulated the baseline and kerning, resulting in an unexpected fluidity of type across print materials. The mix of typefaces are also reminiscent of a ransom note, a nod to the theme of questioning one’s identity. Pastel colors were chosen for their light, translucent feel—almost reflective, like a mirror.

Packaging features “idf 17” spread across four flaps, folded together in a square. Triangle-shaped flaps play with the triangle pattern that is found throughout the identity. When unfolded, the saddle-stitched booklet is revealed. The pattern on the inside of the package is Identity Fest’s typemark—the letter “i” repeated in the brand’s three typefaces.

The detailed schedule spread folds out twice its original size, showcasing event information that is color-coated based on its type (social, workshop, talk, etc.).

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