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Drawing inspiration from 1940/50s Swiss poster design, I created Canton, a Baltimore-based brand that makes Swiss-style yogurt. Thin, sweet, and stirred, I sought to reflect the distinct taste of Swiss yogurt with bold Swiss typefaces used throughout, paired with large scaleshifts in photomontage (P.S. all photos are sourced from old Switzerland postcards and 1950s magazines).

The name “Canton” refers to not only an area in Baltimore (it is a Baltimore-based brand, after all!), but also to the Swiss member states, which are also named cantons. 

Canton’s website features a horizontal scroll that allows the user to explore the Swiss alps in search of the finest yogurt!

All of the images are scanned directly from either Swiss landscape postcards or 1950/60s Life and McCall’s magazines, the latter of which had the most ridiculous ads (ask me about it).

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