Alter Ego

Stop Motion, Projection Mapping, Interactive Design

Utilizing the slower-paced, meditative mediums of stop motion and vinyl records, this Sensory Healer melds music, sound, and form to create immersive healing environments that alleviate ailments such as chronic pain, dementia, and insomnia.

See the full stop motion video here.

Exhibited in MICA Graphic Design MFA’s Also Known As Fall 2018 exhibition. 

This project allowed me to develop a fictitious persona — a sensory healer — which amplified my loves of music and science, as well as allowed me to build skills like music editing, stop-motion animation, and projection mapping.

First, I lasercut the letters used to create three stop-motion videos — one for each ailment. Next, I selected music and projected the videos on several surfaces in which the patients interacted. The words release, recall, and relax serve as visual cues to kickstart healing for chronic pain, dementia, and insomnia (respectively).

In order to lull patients to sleep, this treatment uses gentle instrumental melodies that,
like the word relax, wash over the patient like a wave. 

See the video here.

Chronic Pain
An uplifting instrumental tune prods the word release to break free from its balled-up state, easing outward away from pain and tension.
See the video here.

A nostalgic brass band tune boosts mood and invites dementia patients to waken memories as the word recall transforms into its clear, correct form.

See the video here.

Thanks to Jason Gottlieb, Jennifer Cole Phillips, and Ellen Lupton for guidance with this project.

Music credits (all via Audio Network):
Insomnia: Wild Blue Yonder by Matt Hill
Dementia: Garden Party 3 by Andrew Cottee
Chronic Pain: Public Demand by Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, and Steve Dymond

Watching — Pushing Daisies
Reading — The Master and Margarita

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